Derstand bladder cancer surgery, it’s important to first understand the bladder itself. cheap viagra online The bladder is a hollow, muscular and balloon-shaped organ that is about the size of an adult fist. In men, it’s located in front of the prostate, and in women it is between the vagina and the uterus. viagra for sale vancouver bc The two tubes called the ureters take waste from the kidneys to the bladder. viagra 100 pill From the bladder, urine is expelled from the body through the urethra. best results viagra or viagra Because of its muscular structure, the bladder is designed to expand and contract. At full expansion, an adult bladder can hold up to two cups of urine. buy viagra online The bladder is made up of three primary layers: the innermost layer, called the mucosa, where most bladder cancers start. buy generic viagra The submucosa, which contains the elastic fibers that help the bladder expand and contract. buy generic viagra The outer layer, which is covered with connective tissue. Viagra 20 mg quanto costa Types of bladder cancer surgery an estimated 73,000 men and women in the united states will be diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2012, and another 15,000 will die of the disease this year. For 90 percent of people who are diagnosed with this disease, the cancer is localized and has not invaded the muscle. how safe is generic viagra from india That makes treatment for bladder cancer highly successful. For these patients, the surgical options for are not as invasive or severe. cheap viagra online However, this type of superficial cancer is known to recur. viagra sale canada For the remaining 10 percent of patients, the surgical procedures tend to be more drastic. viagra 100 pill Invasive bladder cancer, as it is called, is known to spread to nearby organs and lymph nodes. Generic viagra names Depending on the stage of the disease, doctors perform surgery to either remove some of the damaged tissue or the whole organ. Is viagra better than viagra Transurethral resection of bladder tumor (turbt) transurethral bladder resection, also called a turbt or tbr, is the standard treatment for non-invasive bladder cancers. It is the most common and effective treatment of early-stage bladder cancer. buy cheap viagra The main instrument used in this procedure is a resectoscope, a telescoping instrument that combines a camera, light and a surgical wire loop so the surgeon can visualize and burn off non-invasive tumors and tissue. effectiveness of viagra vs. viagra Sometimes, a cystoscope is used instead. viagra online This flexible device has an outer tube-like sheath with a light and camera. viagra 100 pill The interior of the tube is hollow, so surgical instruments can be used to remove tumors or tissue. cheap generic viagra Both instruments — th. viagra 8x

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