Search cddw 2011 abstracts home return to table of contents a174 a case of obscure gi bleeding due to multiple hamartomatous polyps and angiodysplasia in the small bowel in a teenager g sukkar 1, f tse1, n marcon2, h brill1 1mcmaster university, hamilton; 2university of toronto, toronto, onaims: obscure gastrointestinal (gi) bleeding accounts for approximately 5% of all gi bleeding in adults. Viagra jelly sale Whilst there is an abundance of literature on the causes and diagnostic management of obscure bleeding in adults, very little has been documented with regards to young people. 30 off viagra coupon We report a case of multiple hamartomatous polyps and angiodysplasia arising in the small bowel causing significant recurrent obscure gi bleeding in a 17-year-old male. Methods: a chart review of a case of obscure gi bleeding caused by hamartomatous polyps and angiodysplasia in a pediatric patient was undertaken. viagra online canada pharmacy A subsequent literature review of the topic was conducted. viagra generico como funciona Results: a 17 y. viagra for sale boots O. viagra online Male presented with recurrent abdominal pain and chronic constipation since early childhood. viagra for sale no prescription His medical history was significant for a right shoulder cavernous hemangioma that was surgically removed at age six. viagra for sale Because of a strong family history of celiac disease, his family started him on a gluten free diet (gfd) empirically with subsequent improvement in his gi symptoms. Viagra uk forum Several months later, he was admitted to the hospital with fatigue and pallor with a hgb of 50g/ml. buy viagra no prescription paypal Endoscopy while on gfd did not show evidence of refractory celiac disease. viagra 10 mg 4 film tablet Colonoscopy showed a hemangioma in the sigmoid colon and was eradicated with cautery. viagra for sale boots Stool for occult blood remained positive despite treatment of this lesion. cheap viagra generic best price Because of a history of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (hht) on the maternal side, hht gene testing was carried out and was negative, along with a negative mri for pulmonary angiodysplasia. buy viagra online After 18 months of transfusion dependent anemia and multiple hospitalizations, a wireless capsule endoscopy was performed and showed three hamartomatous polyps in the jejunum, one of which was actively oozing blood. Angiodysplasia was also found in the ileum. Viagra side effects vs viagra The patient has been scheduled to undergo a double balloon enteroscopy to eliminate all these lesions. much should viagra cost Conclusions: there is a paucity of data on obscure gi bleeding in children. Meckel's diverticula are reported to be the most common source. cheap generic viagra This case with obscure gi bleeding due to hamartomatous polyps and angiodysplasia was original with respect to its rarity. cheap generic viagra This case also highlights the vital role that capsule endos. viagra online cheap viagra 20mg cheap

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