Past Programs / Campaign Trail: The Election In Action

Campaign Trail: The Election in Action was a series of performances and work by artists who brought their interpretation of the presidential campaign to a public forum, from July through November 2008.

The series examined many aspects of the 2008 election and the political process in general, and explored what would engage American voters to want to reclaim their power in the political process.

Participants included: artists Jeff Foye and Gordon Winiemko, artist Luba Lukova, artist Elana Mann, designer Tuan Phan and photographer Jerry Seiner. Works ranged from performance to photography to poster design and were experienced at various sites throughout Los Angeles County over the course of five months.

FOCUS (July – August 2008)

Artists Jeff Foye and Gordon Winiemko conducted focus groups at various locations in Los Angeles that centered on the 2008 election and the electoral process.

In a time of increasing economic instability, an interminable war, and a historic election, Jeff and Gordon felt it more necessary than ever to query the opinions and preferences of those who fall into a thoughtful, progressive demographic-- artists, art organizers and art enthusiasts alike. Knowledge and appreciation of contemporary art was not necessary, but a plus.

The experience lasted about an hour, and entailed discussion, role-play, and refreshments, as well as some imagery.

Ballot Initiative (October 2008)

Our political system is what we make of it. A representative government cannot reflect your views if you don't express them. This election season has historic possibilities. Make sure your voice is heard.

To promote voter registration and voting for the 2008 election, Trade&Row collaborated with Jerry Seiner to create imagery for an online campaign.

In the course of the political season we often forget that the final destination is the ballot booth. The one thing everybody has to do before they get their ballot is to register to vote.

To remind us of this destination I have created a photographic examination of a blank ballot, with a graphic message for people to go to a web page with information on registration deadlines.

In this historic election season it is important for all voices to be heard.



decisions, Decisions: an awareness poster for the 2008 presidential election (November 2008)

For Campaign Trail, Tuan produced decisions, Decisions: an awareness poster for the 2008 presidential election, a limited edition of 20 original prints. All proceeds went to support Trade&Row's ongoing programming.

Tuan Phan is a full-time graphic design teacher and off-time socio-political graphical activist AKA propaganda artist, who currently resides in Austin, TX.

(Thank you Tuan for this donation of work!)

Exchange Rate: 2008 (November 04, 2008)

Organized by artist Elana Mann, Exchange Rate: 2008 was an international performance exchange created in response to the 2008 US presidential elections. A group of artists from the United States and abroad produced, exchanged and interpreted performance directions related to the election campaign. Each performance made for the exchange would be a public act, whether in a gallery space or on a street corner. The project manifested on the web and in a series of live performances and screenings in Los Angeles and abroad culminating with an elaborate election night bash.

On November 4th, Exchange Rate: 2008, in partnership with Trade&Row's Campaign Trail: The Election in Action series, produced an evening full of performative punditry, raucous referendums and live coverage of election night activities worldwide. This series of performances mirrored the pageantry of the international political arena and tracked attempts to engage and affect this seemingly impenetrable stage.

The election night evening manifested as a curated series of performances, interactive activities and media displays. Live actions from participating artists rubbed up against the performances occurring in the media coverage of election results. A wall of televisions displaying network news were juxtaposed with posters and projected slides created by local and international artists. Karen Atkinson curated the slide images as well as a special reception with election night food and performative servers interacting with audience members.

Participating Artists:
Danielle Adair (USA), Karen Atkinson (USA), Luchezar Boyadjiev (BULGARIA), Camlab (Jemima Wyman, AUSTRALIA and Anna Mayer USA), Audrey Chan (USA), Bruce Conkle (USA), Maile Colbert and Rui Costa (PORTUGAL), Dorit Cypis (USA), Zackary Drucker (USA), Ana Fernandez (ECUADOR), Liz Glynn (USA), Lora Ivanova (USA), Kevin Jamieson (UK), Eva Jung (USA/SOUTH KOREA), Soren Thilo Funder & Stine Marie Jacobson (DENMARK), Jason Kunke (USA), Michael Lazar and Marc Lewis (ISRAEL), Jean Pierrer Lapeyre (SCOTLAND), Julie Lequin (CANADA), Eric Lindley (USA), Elana Mann (USA), Emery Martin (USA), Sibyl O'Malley (USA), Adam Overton (USA), Aiste Ptakauske (LITHUANIA), Vincent Ramos (USA), Pablo Rasgado (MEXICO) and Kelly Kleinschrodt (USA), R.E.P. (UKRAINE), Sara Roberts (USA), Ernesto Salmeson (NICARAGUA), Marssares Selector (BRAZIL), Melissa Wyman (SOUTH KOREA)

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